I’m currently just building out the ideas for workshops I can facilitate in the future, once the pandemic calms down and we’re all comfortable travelling and gathering again.

For now, consider anything on this page to be in “beta” status, as I develop the ideas and content. If you are intrigued by what I’m working on, let me know – I’ll need a few teams to work with to work out the kinks in these processes.

Team Motivations Workshop

At the beginning of 2020, I facilitated a discussion with my current team, where we delved into what aspects of our work, team, and processes motivated us vs. what demotivated us. We were able to identify the common factors that would make the entire team happy, as well as some behaviors to avoid to prevent both the entire team and specific individuals from losing morale and motivation.

We came out of that discussion with specific changes to our processes and communication styles, which quickly resulted in improved morale and productivity on the team.

I’ve been refining ways to lead similar discussions, and am available to lead a half-day workshop for teams seeking to improve morale and increase clarity in how they are working together.

This would be a half-day workshop for teams of up to 10 members. It would be particularly helpful for newly formed teams, or for teams who have not quite gelled together.


  • Conference Room
  • Whiteboard

Individual Career Consulting

If you are struggling to decide what to do when you are struggling with a career choice, I am available for to hear about your concerns, where you are in your career, and offer my perspective on ways to move forward.

This can include helping you figure out if you should stay at a job or find something new, or help you determine a new approach to changing your current role to make it a better place for you.

Team Fix-up

Sometimes a team has simply broken each others trust, and are failing to work well together. This can drive people to quit, or split the team into factions, and grind your productivity to a halt. It is often difficult to fix such problems without harsh changes that end up driving one group of people or another to quit, and the entire organization needs to recover, resulting in a cultural history where you’ll be talking about these problems, and how they were handled, forever. 

There is a better way.

I can come in, and spend an hour or so with everyone on the team. I’ll strive to determine the root causes of everyone’s concerns and behaviors, and report back to the manager a plan of action to bring the team back to health without a major shakeup or reset of the team.

Time required depends on team size – I’d recommending budgeting two hours per team member.


  • Private conference room (or virtual calls)
  • Willingness of the team to put some trust in me, including that I won’t disclose any private information to others.
  • Willingness of the manager to be willing to make changes based on what works for the team.