Intro / Bio

I’ve been working in technology in one way or another for 30 years. I started out doing work study in college supporting computer labs before the internet was widespread, and before the web took over the world. I worked in deskside support and server admin for a couple years as the internet first hit society, and switched to software development a couple years before the original dotcom boom. 

I was part of a team that built one of the first content management systems in the dotcom boom. We did great work as well as made great mistakes, and ultimately we didn’t survive. I tried my own startup which also brought me more lessons learned than success, and joined one more failed startup before moving into the Enterprise IT world, spending a decade doing internal software development in large industries such as banking, energy, and manufacturing. 

I then switched to a SaaS company, and spent half a decade helping to expand their small successful company into a large enough product that we got noticed and acquired by a bigger fish. I’ve gone back and forth between continuing to help transition that product to the new owners and merge its functionality into the larger product portfolio, as well as do one more year in a startup.

I’ve ended up with a broad view of the software world —  Teams and organizations of all sizes, leaders and individuals with a wide variety of goals and ambitions, teams that worked and teams that failed. Products that worked and failed, and companies that work and failed.  I’ve also seen technology change over 30 years, and been in the trenches for long enough that I feel like an old man telling war stories when working with young people in this industry.

I’m hoping my years of experience can be shared – that I’ll be able to take everything I’ve learned, and share it with the industry. I likely won’t be saying much that hasn’t been said before in one way or another. But with a focus on the individual, I hope to bring it all together in a way that they can skip all my failures, and jump ahead of where I’ve been, and build a better industry in the process.

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